Kyrgyz NUR Telecom Uses Noda Contact Center to Serve Its Users

NUR Telecom (TM "O!"), one of the leading mobile operators in Kyrgyzstan, has automated its call center operations with the help of Noda Contact Center platform. The new platform supports fault-free services for 2 million users.

NUR Telecom is one of the three leading players on the Kyrgyz telecom market. The company is actively expanding its retail chain and lists innovative remote communications with its users among its long-term priorities.

At present, the Noda Contact Center solution helps NUR Telecom to carry out telemarketing, round-the-clock user support and debt collection operations.

Inbound call routing is automated on the basis of IVR services. Agents handling inbound calls consult users on different kinds of issues, providing information on network coverage, advising on mobile tariffs, helping to switch on and configure various services, etc. All user queries are saved in the system. Each user has a single unified history of calls. This helps to resolve issues quickly, analyze the causes of repeat calls, and raise service quality. 

Andrey Zaitsev, Director of Contact Center Department at NODA:

"This is not the first time that nation-wide telecom operators have chosen our product. The contact center of Moldovan Moldtelecom, which serves about 2 million users, also runs on our platform. Apart from high reliability, our solutions are very flexible, can be easily integrated with billing systems, CRM, service desk–in fact, with all the key information systems of telecom providers."

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