NODA Presents Its ‘Noda Erudite’ at Contact Center in Retail 2018

NODA has taken part in ‘Contact Center in Retail’ annual forum held in Moscow on October 3-4. Among its contact center automation solutions, NODA presented the Virtual Assistant, a chatbot for text message processing based on Noda Erudite platform.

Noda Erudite platform based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Using Noda Erudite, you can create both voice and text bots that communicate with your clients in a natural language, the same way live agents do. The chatbot identifies the topic of the call, even if its wording is nonstandard, and can help customers with many different problems. For example, Virtual Assistant can guide you through your personal account settings, helps select goods from a catalogue, and offers information on discounts and special offers, informs you of your order status, helps to set up delivery time, and much more. The software undergoes constant improvements and updates.

"Some 60 to 70 percent of calls to contact centers are standard and follow the same scenario. Thus, it is feasible to use chatbots to handle these calls," says Sergey Popov, NODA Projects Manager. "Compared to many other similar solutions, NODA offers a very convenient interface for customizing and teaching your chatbot. Business owners can create and edit conversation scripts and upload data for machine learning without any assistance from IT experts.

The Forum also included a trade exhibition, where NODA showcased its software product line for contact center automation: Noda Contact Center, Noda Omni-Channel, Noda WFM, Noda Erudite and other solutions by NODA.

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