Contact Center in Finance: NODA Presents Its Noda Erudite Intelligent Platform

This year, NODA has traditionally become a sponsor and active participant of the annual Contact Centers in Finance forum held in Moscow on November 21-22, 2018.

At the forum, NODA presented its new platform for automating contact center processes, as well as its design practices of efficient customer service organization based on NODA intelligent technologies.

Contact Center in Finance 2018 is a platform where the leading experts and consultants can share their knowledge and experience of using high technologies in contact center management and customer services.

Sergey Popov, NODA Senior Project Manager, described tasks that can be performed with the help of voice and text bots, and described goals attained within the projects already implemented.

Mikhail Chereshnev, NODA Chief Operational Officer: "Every year, we conduct a study of contact center accessibility and service quality in banking and insurance industries. What we see now is a positive dynamic in customer services, including technological aspects. This year, we have noticed that some of the phone calls to banks are handled by voice bots. These banks are few so far, but a year ago there were none at all. Currently, we are deploying voice bots at several banks; the intelligent Noda Erudite platform which is used in all these projects has been presented at the forum.

At the Contact Centers in Finance, NODA had its own exhibition stand where, besides Noda Erudite, it showcased other solutions for contact center automation: Noda Contact Center communication platform, Noda Omni-channel platform, and Noda WFM, a fully-fledged workforce management platform.

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