2018 NODA Survey: Insurers Quick to Take Daytime Calls, Consultations Not Up to Mark

NODA has presented the results of its 4th annual survey which looks at the accessibility and service quality of Russian insurance companies’ contact centers. The survey results were presented on November 15, 2018 at a business breakfast for representatives of the leading insurance organizations.

The report included top 68 Russian insurance companies as ranked by the Banki.ru website. To find out the level of telephone accessibility and consultation quality at the insurers' contact centers, about 2040 test calls were made (30 calls per company within a 5-day period, with calls evenly distributed among morning, noon and evening hours). The calling campaign, as usual, was carried out by GRAN, a professional outsourced contact center. After the call had been put through, the caller asked standard questions about insurance products and services.

The results of the 2018 survey show that the general accessibility of insurers' contact centers, measured as the share of calls taken by an agent within 90 seconds, was 79 %, which is roughly the same as in 2017 (81%). At the same time, the share of calls taken within the first 20 seconds has dropped by 20% and amounts to 49% as compared to the last year's 69%. It was easier to reach a contact center in the afternoon than in the morning or evening hours. The First Call Resolution rate for calls relating to insurance products has also dropped: the share of calls when the caller managed to get answers to test questions is down by 8% compared to 2017, when it reached 90%. In 100% of cases when the caller was rerouted to the second-line support, they had to repeat the question they had already asked the first agent.

Apart from aggregate values, the report also presents the contact center accessibility and service quality rates across various groups of insurance companies: for 8 largest insurers (with the Q2 2018 turnover exceeding 10 billion rubles); for 25 mid-sized insurers (with the Q2 2018 turnover of 1 to 10 billion rubles), and 35 small-sized companies (less than 1 billion rubles). 

Just as last year, the survey analyzed the insurers' communication channels, including their websites that were tested for their webchat and click-to call capacities. The study shows that only 15 % of insurance companies have chats on their websites, and as few as 3% feature chat bots. Twenty six percent of websites had a callback function; however, 39% of callback requests went unanswered. The agents' capability of sending e-mails and messages to bank customers was also studied, and turned out to be 32% and 23%, accordingly.

Apart from the results of its survey, NODA presented its intelligent platform for creating voice and text bots, Noda Erudite. The participants of the business breakfast learned of the solution's benefits: customizable settings, the bot's self-teaching abilities with no coders or linguists required, and its capacity to understand natural spoken speech.

The annual survey of contact center accessibility and service quality of Russian insurance companies has been carried out by NODA since 2015. The results are traditionally presented at a business breakfast for insurance companies representatives. In 2018, the breakfast was attended by over 50 top managers responsible for customer services and contact center management at the leading Russian isurnace companies.

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